Fangzhuang Hot Spring Mountain Resort

Fangzhuang Hot Spring Mountain Resort is located in Lin’an city, west of Hangzhou, over 950 meters above sea-level and embraced by mountains. Standing on the platform in front of the gate, overlapping steep peaks, dense woods can be seen. At that time, you might have the feeling that you could take in all of the mountains in a single glance.Outside of the building, apart from the beautiful natural scenery, there are elegant pavilions, a rippling swimming pool, a standardized tennis court and stone sculptures constituting special garden scenery.When entering the building, the decoration contains a type of culture and cultural atmosphere with redwood furniture, calligraphies and paintings, a delicate tea set and a stone inscription. Golden pillars and walls enlighten the room. There are also office and entertainment facilities, such as computers, piano, erhu, guitar, a projector, karaoke, a table tennis room, and so on. These facilities provide convenience if the customers want to do some work or play games.In Fangzhuang Hot Spring Mountain Resort, there are sixteen guest rooms. Each room has a different and particular decoration style. The natural scenery and alpine weather make the place to be a wonderful summer resort. Furthermore, the service provided by Fangzhuang Hot Spring Mountain Resort staff, makes you feel like family or friend concerns. Fangzhuang is a hotel, also a club, invested by Zhejiang Zhi-Yuan-Da Law firm, aiming to provide a high-quality summer resort and to be a grand cultural villa.

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